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UT ECE assistant professor and Kilby Endowed Faculty Fellow Deji Akinwande has been named the 2015 recipient of the IEEE Nanotechnology Early Career Award.

Researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering have created the first transistors out of silicene, the world’s thinnest silicon material. This new “wonder material” could make computers and other electronics more efficient.

UT ECE graduate student Scott Maddox has been named the recipient of the Best Student paper Award from the 2014 MRS Electronic Materials Conference for his talk "Effects of Growth Rate, Substrate Temperature, and a Bi Surfactant on Doping Limits in InAs: Si Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy.” Scott

UT ECE Graduate Student Xingyu Zhang recently won a Best Student Paper Award at the Organic Photonics + Electronics Symposium, held at the SPIE Optics + Photonics Conference, San Diego, CA, August 17-24, 2014.