2015 REU

Projects and  interns for 2015 REU summer program

  • Nanometrology "In Fiber Flow Rate Sensors using Thermally Drawn Multimaterial Fluidic Channel Fibers" - Corey Kwok/ Prof. Z. Wang
  • Materials Epitaxy "Optical Characterization of AlInAsSb Digital Alloy Films" - Harold Fu/ Prof S Bank
  • Optoelectronics "Simulation and Nanofabrication for Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy" - Bryan Brasile/ Prof E Yu
  • Integrated Photonics "Tablet Analysis and Display of Semiconductor Biosensors" - Raymond Barakat/Prof. R Chen
  • Mechanical Devices "Microfabrication and Testing of Directional Piezoelectric Microphones using Aluminum Nitride" - Marilyn Mathew/ Prof. N Hall
  • Materials - Chemistry "Improvement of Sodium-Ion Batteries using Solution-Grown Germanium Nanowire anodes" - Yuichi Tsujiura/ Prof. B Korgel
  • SEI: "The Societal and Ethical Implications of Nanofabrication: Research and Training" - Prof. LeeAnn Kahlor