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Acid Hood - WPS - F06

Acid Hood - WPS - F06

III-V Etch
North Cleanroom

Acid Hood - Do NOT remove Labware from this tool!

Compatible Materials: 
Metals 2D materials III-V

1. Log on to the tool using the LabAccess terminal.
2. Cover hotplate areas with the provided covers.
3. Triple rinse each containers (beakers to measure solutions and plastic tank for BOE etch)
4. When wet etch is completed, place the wafers in the cascade rinser and perform one 5-cycle rinses.
5. Dump cascade rinse and remove wafers
6. For pieces, carefully blow dry with N2 handgun.
7. If you are using a vertical shaft spin rinser dryer (SRD) to dry your WHOLE wafers, you will need to use two carriers of equal size and weight to balance the load during spinning. Load an equal number of dummy wafers into one of the carriers and place it into the SRD. Remove the processed wafers from the cascade tank and place the second carrier into the SRD directly opposite the dummy wafer carrier. Please do not use SRDs in other bays as this can cause cross contamination.
8. Initiate SRD cycle.
9. Turn on the aspirator and plenum rinse to remove the etch solution. When the acid is completely removed, place the aspirator into DI water and run for 2 minutes.
10. Fill and dump each acid container with DI water three times.
11. Turn off the aspirator and plenum rinse.
12. When the SRD is finished, very carefully lift the SRD lid and remove the wafers.
13. DON'T FORGET to turn off the DI water taps, rinse beakers, clean-up the hood deck (including covers and dividers) and any empty chemical bottles. Be sure to rinse your gloves.
14. Log off of the tool using the LabAccess terminal.