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Acid Hood - WPS - J19

Acid Hood - WPS - J19

III-V Lithography
North Cleanroom

General Purpose Poly Hood
Protective equipment is required during the etching operation.
Do NOT remove Labware from this tool!

Compatible Materials: 
No Restrictions

1. Log on to the tool using the LabAccess terminal.
2. Switch the POWER SUPPLY button of the etching hood ON.
3. Turn the FLUSH ventilation button ON, and turn the waste drain ON.
4. Before starting the chemical etching, make sure that (1) you have wore the plastic protection suit (2) you have wore the protection goggles (3) you have wore the rubber gloves
5. Make up the etching solution and start the etching.
6. Drain the waste etchant as soon as you finish your etching process.
7. Clean Petri dishes, beakers, and other utensils that have been used for your cleaning. Put them back to the shelf for the other users.
8. Any waste wipes from etching bay must be put into the ACID trash can.
9. Take off the gloves, protection mask, and plastic suit and put them back to the original place.
10. Switch off the FLUSH. Switch off the POWER of the etching hood.
11. Log off of the tool using the LabAccess terminal.