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Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP)

Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP)

Silicon Etch
North Cleanroom
Diffusion Back Aisle

CMP IPEC/Westech Model 372M is fully automated. It is capable of handling 4” and 8” wafers. Features automatic loading/unloading, and is capable of two-step polishing processing.

Suitable for:1) CMP processing of oxide and other dielectrics (HiK), and in a near futur tungsten and copper2) Silicon and SOI polishing3) MEMs processing

Compatible cleaning systems are available with this equipment.

Recommended slurries from Dupont: (look also for other slurries at Si wafer polish: Syton HT-50 Colloidal Silica slurries2) SiO2: Syton OX-K Colloidal Silica Slurry3) STI: Microplanar STI21004) W: Microplanar CMP37005) Cu: CoppeReady Cu3900 6) Barrier products: Cu405 

Polishing Procedure

1. Turn On Facilities (Vacume, CDA, N2, Water)
2. Power ON
3. Turn spindle on
4. Initialize 
5. Push [Select Screen]
6. Push [Manual Operation[
7. Push [Manual Load/Unload]
vv for more wafers: Push [Move Load]
8. Move Load Position
9. Load wafer > Find center point
10. Push [Load Wafer]
11. Push [RET]
12. Push [Primary Polish A]
13. When complete: Push [Manual Load/Unload]
vv for more wafers: Push [Move Load]

Catch the wafer being unloaded

Repeat Steps 7-13

Continue to the Flushing Procedure

Flushing Procedure

14. When finished polishing and wafer is removed
15. Push [RET]
16. Push [Select Screen]
17. Push [POL CTRL]
18. Remove Hose from Slurry and Insert into Water
19. Push [SLURY 1 TEST]
20. Enter [200]
21. Push [SAVE]
22. Allow to flush until dispensing clear fluid (approximately 2 min.)
23. Push [OFF]
24. Push [EXIT]
25. Push [Select Screen]
26. Push Button [Spindle Off]
27. Push Button [Power Off] 28. Turn off Facilities (Vacume, Clean Dry Air, Nitrogen, Water Valves)