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Maskless Lithography – Bruker Lightning

Maskless Lithography – Bruker Lightning

South Cleanroom

The Lightening uses a UV illumination source combined with a micro-mirror array to selectively expose an AZ type photoresist and so rapidly impart a pattern onto substrates without fabrication of an intermediate photomask.

Features: as small as 600 nm

Maskless lithography file format: BMP
Substrate size: 300 mm x 300 mm or smaller, 8mm in thickness or less

Chemicals: AZ type photoresist (AZ5209E)

Compatible Materials: 
Any substrate that is compatible with the photoresist development process and sufficiently flat as to offer a single focal plane to the exposure optics may be patterened. The sample stage moves while the exposure optics are fixed, see the picture of the sample stage.