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Optical Confocal Microscope LEXT Olympus

Optical Confocal Microscope LEXT Olympus

North Cleanroom

The OLS4100 opto-digital microscope employs a dual confocal system, incorporating two confocal optical light paths. This design in combination with a high sensitivity detector for precise 3D microscope images overcomes reflectance difference of sample consisting of materials with different reflectance characteristics.

The LEXT OLS4100 is equipped with 5x to 100x objectives and a 50x long working distance objective (10.6mm) to measure deep holes into Si (MEMS applications).

The instrument is used to measure device topography, step height that lead to etching rate, check on construction and ultimately validate process steps on optical, electrical and MEMS devices.

Sample courtesy of L Spinella Prof. Paul Ho.