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Photolithography i-g line mask aligner - EVG

Photolithography i-g line mask aligner - EVG

III-V Lithography
North Cleanroom

Properties: Mask holder 5inches, Wafer size 2 to 4 inches and pieces. Illumination Wavelength 265nm.
Exposure Modes: soft contact, hard contact, Vaccum contact , Proximity

Compatible Materials: 
No Restrictions

Log on the system via Lab Access
Make sure that the power is 500W, the UV light is on
Start the EV620.exe program
Open recipe 1 (for top alignment) or recipe 2 (for bottom alignment). Check the parameter and run.
Follow the steps by steps procedure given by the software
Exit the program when done. Log off from lab access.
The system should stay on (power, light).