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Photoresist Spin coater- Brewer Science

Photoresist Spin coater- Brewer Science

Silicon Lithography
North Cleanroom

Spinner and hot plate to apply adn cure photoresist

Features: Wafer Chuck Holders for 3" to 8" and 65mmx65mm quartz template
Nine (9) pre-programed recipes

Compatible Materials: 
Si / SiGe / Hi K Layers: Oxides / Nitrides / Top-Electrode Polysilicon, TaN, Al Chemicals: Photoresist / Developer / Acetone / Methanol / IPA
Incompatible Materials: 
III-V, Liftoff Processes, Corrosive Etching (except developer), Au, Ag, Hg, Cu developer

To Run Program
1.) Set Temperature of Hotplate
2.) Wipe down Spinner Chamber with Acetone and Hotplate
Surface with DI Water
3.)Select [RESET] "CEE 100CB AUTO DISP"
4.) Select [RUN] (Enter Program Number to be Run)
5.) Select [ENTER]
6.) Load Wafer on Spinner Chuck
7.) Select [START]
8.) Adjust Wafer to Center (To Re-Adjust Select 0)
9.) Dispense manually Solution to Center of Wafer and Close
Spinner Lid
10.) Select [START]
11.) After Complete, Unload Wafer and Move to Hotplate for the
Specified Time.Close Hotplate Hood during Baking Procedure.
12.) Remove Wafer From Hotplate and Allow to Cool
To Edit Program
1.) Select [Program]
2.) Enter The Number Your Recipe is to be Stored as
3.) Select [ENTER]
4.) @ "DISPENSE 1=ON 0=OFF" Select [ 0 ]
5.) Select [ENTER]
6.) Enter the Velocities, RPM & Time Settings for Each of Your
Desired Ramps
8.) Select [ENTER]
10.) Select [ENTER]
12.) Select [ENTER]
13.) Continue Above Process For the Required Number of Ramps
Needed for Your Recipe
14.) When Finished, (@ Next Sequential Ramp Entry) PROGRAM
VEL/# END RPM - Select [END]
15.) Select [ENTER]