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Spectrophotometer Nanospec Reflectometer AFT

Spectrophotometer Nanospec Reflectometer AFT

North Cleanroom

Nanospec Microscope

1.) Log on the Tool Using LabAccess Terminal
2.) Log Into Nanospec/AFT:
Username: nano
Password: 4000
3.) Select [AUTO] or [F3]
4.) OPTION: “Do You Want to Save Measurements
In Database” [Yes/No] Select [No]
5.) Select a Recipe from “COOKBOOK SELECTION”
Scroll Through & Select Recipe From the
6.) REMINDER: Take a New Reference?
Age of Reference
[Yes/No] Select appropriate : Normally Select [No]
7.) Load Wafer On The Stage & Select Lens
Use the Positioning Pegs If Necessary
8.) Find Specified Target Area & Adjust Focus
Bring Aperture into Focus Using Focus Knobs
9.) REMINDER: “Is Cassette/Wafer Ready”
Press OK To Continue [OK] / [EXIT] Select [OK]
10.) Take & Record Measurements
11.) REMINDER: Do You Want To Continue For
Another Wafer [YES]/[NO] Select Appropriate
12.) To Take Individual/Additional Measurements
Select [MEAS] [F10]
PMCAMERA2 (Screen Capture)
Open PMCAMERA2 From Desktop Prior To
Taking Measurements.
Specify a:\ for Floppy
Make sure “Full Screen” Is Selected
Select [Options] [Save Options]
Log Into Nanospec AFT
When Graph/Results are On-Screen
Press [CTRL] [ESC]
Select PMCAMERA from list
Move PMCAMERA To Bottom of Window
Select [GRAB] – [GRAB]

NOTE: Each Capture takes Aprox. 300kb
You DO NOT Receive a Notice When Floppy Is Full

Press [CTRL] [ESC] When Capture Is Complete
Select Nanospec From List To Return to Measuring
13.) Log off of the tool using the LabAccess terminal.