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Thermal Evaporator (Metal Deposition) - Veeco

Thermal Evaporator (Metal Deposition) - Veeco

Silicon Metals
North Cleanroom

Thermal evaporator

Features: one single wafer (max size 4inch)

Compatible Materials: 
Si / SiGe / Palladium

1. The first time using this tool YOU MUST BE SUPERVISED. This tool uses very large currents that could seriously injure you or kill you. Following the correct procedure is a MUST.
2. Flip on the mechanical pump switch. (The body of the switch is broken, but it can be flipped up (on) and flipped down (off).
3. Switch the pumping handle to STBY(stand by) this will pump out the diffusion pump. Wait 2 minutes.
4. Flip on the Diffusion pump.
5. Go to the maintance ailse behind the Vecco Evaporator and turn on the second liquid nitrogen line to fill the diffussion pump with liquid. The diffusion pump is full when liquid nitrogen comes out of the excess port hole.
6. Switch the pumping handle to Vent.
7. Before raising the lid of the camber, you MUST flip down (off) the Current Switch and turn the Current Dial to zero (counter clockwise all the way).
8. Now raise the lid manually by pulling up on the cable attached to the yellow lid.
9. Before touching anything inside the chamber, put on a clean pair of gloves.
10. Lift off the four inch wafer holder and the quartz cylinder and set them on clean wipes. Now use a allen wrench to remove the old.