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XRD Rigaku SmartLab

XRD Rigaku SmartLab

North Cleanroom

Rigaku SmartLab Multipurpose θ /θ  X-ray Diffraction System

–Single-element Bragg Brentano (powder) and parallel beam (single crystal) incident beam optics

–High-power (9kW) x-ray source for faster acquisition times, thin samples

–1D silicon strip x-ray detector for fast, medium-resolution RSMs and pole figures

–In-plane diffraction goniometer for ultra thin and 2D materials characterization

–Single goniometer configuration for XRR and XRD measurements


Safety Instructions (mandatory class OH 306 X-ray Safety,from Environmental Health and Safety)

Procedures (delivered during training)

Measurement (see graphs):

- Reciprocal Space Map
- x-ray Reflectivity
- Rocking Curves
- Pole Figures,
- Residual Stress

Upgraded features: high-power rotating anode and the goniometer to a high-resolution in-plane system for ultra thin and 2D materials measurement

Software Features:

•Automated alignment and guided measurement configuration with Rigaku Guidance data acquisition software

•Extended compositional/thickness simulation and analysis with Rigaku Global Fit software

•3D reciprocal space map & pole figure rendering with Rigaku 3D Explore software

•Direct comparison of diffraction data to powder diffraction library with >193,000 entries (ICSD), with Rigaku PDXL software