How to Become a User at the MRC Laboratories

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  1. Please send an email to Dr. Sarmita Majumder, ( the user support for UT MRC to evaluate the feasibility of your project depending on the UT MRC capabilities and cross-contamination issue.
  2. Submit the UT MRC Project Proposal form Project-Proposal_2018.pdf, describing the experiment that you want to do in UT MRC cleanroom to
  3. Complete the MOU Texas Nanofabrication facility Core Research Service Center - Testing Services Agreement Template.pdf (Laboratory Policy, IP, Liability, fees, limit access) between your institution and MRC at University of Texas at Austin. This form is for non-UT academic and industrial users. Please send this form to
  4. Please write an email to Darren Robbins, Facility Coordinator, to schedule a safety training.
  5. Complete the TNF profile form (This is mandatory) when you are at MRC for the safety training. Please go to the link This link does not work outside the MRC campus. this is an online form and needs to be submitted online only.
  6. Complete administrative steps for physical access and safety training. You will acquire a UT Electronic ID, an ID card, parking permit, and receive onsite specific safety training. Steps to be completed are summarized in the document: Safety Training.pdf.
  7. To request an equipment training please send an email to Please send one email with one training request on one single tool. Please (cherry on top) do not request multiple tools training in one single email. To notifying of problems regarding the tools or the labacess difficulties, please specify your name and the tool name(s) in the subject line of an email to  You will get a response from “UT Services” notifying you that a ticket has been opened on your behalf. Also, when adding information or discussion, or checking on status, please respond to the most recent email that was sent to you by UT Services on the topic of discussion.  If you send a new email, you will generate another new ticket that can cause confusion and actually slow the process you’re requesting. Once you demonstrate your ability to run the equipment you will have access to operate independently this tool via the LabAccess system
  8. Our Sedona reservation webpage has a notification tab called "Tool Status" showing the down tools in red. This tab is refreshed each morning.
  9. For monthly invoice purpose, please provide to Dr. Sarmita Majumder the following information: Account Number, Professor or PI name, email address and phone number.

  10. For additional information regarding MRC or UT, please email Prof. Sanjay Banerjee
  11. Please acknowledge NSF support of the cleanroom in your publications, using the following Award number: "The work was partly done at the Texas Nanofabrication Facility supported by NSF grant NNCI-1542159".