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Prof. Seth Bank and his research group are investigating new materials to solve long-standing challenges that will potentially enable fundamentally new photonic devices with diverse applications, such as solar power generation, chemical/gas sensing, and optical communications.

Michael T. Pettes and Associate Professor Li Shi were honored with a Best Poster Award for their work entitled “Thermal and Structural Characterizations of Individual Carbon Nanotubes” during the 2009 Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society held in Boston, MA on December 3, 2009.

UT-ECE’s Professors Sanjay Banerjee, Frank Register, and Emanuel Tutuc along with Prof. Allan MacDonald, UT Physics Department, and ECE graduate student Dharmendar Reddy designed a novel graphene-based BiSFET device that could revolutionize the chip design industry.

Professors Sanjay Banerjee and Emanuel Tutuc have demonstrated, for the first time, that centimeter-square areas of copper foils can be covered almost entirely with mono-layer graphene bringing this intriguing material one step closer to commercial viability.

Dr. Seth Bank's research into III-V compound semiconductors could cool down your laptop, increase the capacity and speed of fiber-optics, and make solar cells more efficient.