SouthWest Academy of Nanoelectronics

The SouthWest Academy of Nanoelectronics (SWAN) is one of the three centers created in 2006 by the Semiconductor Research Corporation Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (SRC-NRI) to find a replacement to conventional metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors. SRC-NRI is a consortium of AMD, Freescale, IBM, Intel, MICRON, TI. Matching funds have been provided by the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund.
SWAN will hold a business plan competition focusing on SWAN technologies on September 11-12, 2013 at the University of Texas at Austin, AT&T Conference Center. Please contact Sanjay Banerjee at for additional information. The competition will be in the form of poster presentations of SWAN technologies that will be evaluated by industrial attendees. Prizes for the winning concepts will be awarded.