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Safety Training

Please contact Darren Robbins for safety training

Equipment Training

Training should be initiated by a senior member of your group. Once you get acquainted with the tool please contact MERTRAIN for certification.
Include the following information when e-mailing
  • Your Name
  • Desired Tool Certification
  • Brief process description (the goal you are aiming by using the requested tool)
  • Telephone Contact Information
  • Any Scheduling Restrictions/ Conflicts you may have.

Note: Recently, we have implemented a new ticket system for requesting training and reporting any problems inside our facility. The request email addresses are still the same: mertech@mer.utexas.eduand . The ticket system uses the UT-wide ticket system provided via Service Now server. You may have already noticed that when you ask for a training or report a problem, you get a response from “UT Services” notifying you that a ticket has been opened on your behalf.

When requesting training or notifying of problems, please specify your name and the tool name(s) in the subject line of an email to or  Once the Training Staff received your e-mail a training session day and time will be communicated to you. If for any reason you did not get any response from our engineers within one week or you need to add information or discussion, or checking on status, please respond to the most recent email that was sent to you by UT Services on the topic of discussion.  If you send a new email, you will generate another new ticket that can cause confusion and actually slow the process you’re requesting.