How to Become a User at the MRC Laboratories

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  1. Contact the user support for UT MRC, Dr. Marylene Palard, to evaluate the feasibility of your project depending on the UT MRC capabilities and cross-contamination issue.
  2. Submit the UT MRC Project Proposal Form, to M Palard. Describe the experiment that you want to do in UT MRC cleanroom.
  3. Complete the Memorandum of Understanding (Laboratory Policy, IP, Liability, fees, limit access) between your institution and MRC at University of Texas at Austin. This form is for non-UT academic and industrial users. Return this document to Marylene Palard.
  4. Complete administrative steps for physical access and safety training. You will acquire a UT Electronic ID, an ID card, parking permit, and receive onsite specific safety training. Steps to be completed are summarized in the document: Safety Training Access
  5. Schedule equipment training with Johnny Johnson, or Ricardo Garcia, for each equipment you want to use. Once you demonstrate your ability to run the equipment you will have access to operate independently this tool via the LabAccess system.
  6. For monthly invoice purpose, please provide to Jean Toll the following information: Account Number, Professor or PI name, email address and phone number.
  7. For additional information regarding MRC or UT, please email Prof. Sanjay Banerjee