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Anneal (Doped) - MRL

Anneal (Doped) - MRL

North Cleanroom

MRL Atmospheric Furnace, RCA Preclean Required in Diffusion Bay General Hood

Compatible Materials: 
Si/SiGe, Doping > 1x1018cm-3; N/N+ or P/P+ "epi" wafers
Incompatible Materials: 
Metals / Hi K / III-V


  1. Log on to the tool using the LabAccess terminal.
  2. Open Zone/Tool Tab and Select C5 - right rack (Oxide and anneal furnace, atmospheric) or C4 - left rack (PoCl3 adn LPCVD)
Open Run Tool Icon
  3. Select the desired recipe (new recipes must be approved and created by the maintenance staff).
Select the furnace tube C4-1 for PoCl3
  4.  Run mini recipe
  5. Pop up  Window 1 - Run Tool Login  Input user ID
  6. Pop up Window 2 - Operator step only. Enter the desired process time.
  7. Pop up Window 3 - Information to check Downloading recipe - CHECK run number and if the Download has been successful
  8. Enter run data (user, recipe, deposition time) in log book.
  9. Open the tube status window
  10. Control the desired furnace
  11. Select START (to load and start the recipe)
  12. Place wafers in boat (this should be done on the load platform with clean tools and on cleanroom wipes to prevent contamination of the boat; use vinyl gloves to handle elephant, sled and boat; use Teflon tweezers to avoid metal contamination) including buffer wafers to ensure more uniform device wafers. Growth side of wafer should be facing the heater wall
  13. Transfer the boat into the furnace with the rod.
  14. Replace furnace cover.
  15.  In the tube status window select HOLD (to load samples, and release the recipe)
  16. Wait for the process to run automatically.
  17. Wait for load/unload step.
  18. Use rod to remove the boat from the furnace.
  19. Replace furnace cover.
  20. Re-open the POCl furnace status window, select the control button, and select hold to remove the load/unload hold.
  21. Allow boat and wafers to cool while waiting for recipe to finish running (around 20min).
  22. After process is complete, reopen the process loader.
  23. Select the POCl furnace.
  24. Choose the Idle recipe.
  25. Enter MRL control password and select load recipe.
  26.  Open the POCl furnace status window.
  27.  Select control button.
  28. Select start.
  29.  Unload the wafers again using cleanroom wipes and clean tools to prevent contamination to the boat.

 Log off of the tool using the LabAccess terminal.