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ALD Cambridge NanoTech SavannahTM 200

Equipment Type: 
Silicon Metals
Equipment Area: 
North Cleanroom
Equipment Location: 

Atomic Layer Deposition

low- to mid-temperature (100-250 C) deposition system.
Up to 8” wafer.
Precursors: Trimethylaluminun, Tetrakis-methylamino Hafnium, Magnesium amidinate, Diethylberyllium lead to the following films: Al2O3, HfO2 , MgO and BeO.
Catalyst precurssor: water
Carrier gas: N2
N2 booster for MgO precurssor line

Al2O3 recipe:
valve (#) pulse (sec) pump (sec)
0 (water) 0.015 5
1 (TMAl) 0.025 5
(0.92A/cycle). Recommanded temperture [200-250C]

HfO2 recipe:
valve (#) pulse (sec) pump (sec)
0 (water) 0.03 5
4 (TMAHf) 0.05 5
Set cylinder heater jacket -#13- temperature @ 75C. Turn off the temperature once done.
(0.97A/cycle). Recommended temperature [200-230C]

Incompatible Materials: 
Photo Resist, Gold, Copper.