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North Cleanroom
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FEI TECNAI G2 F20 X-TWIN Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is an analytical system with excellent high-resolution imaging and atomic resolution microanalysis capabilities. The system is optimized for high spatial resolution analysis and has an EDS solid angle of 0.3 steradian.
High performance in S/TEM imaging and analysis
• High resolution tool for material and life science applications
• Flexible high tension voltage
• Simultaneous data recording by fully embedding STEM, CCD cameras, EDX detectors, EELS spectrometers and energy filters
• Ultra-clean vacuum for high resolution room temperature
• FEI application softwares available: Autogun, AutoAdjust, magnification calibration and S/TEM tomography package
• High tilt and large field of view (± 70° tilt for TWIN and double-tilt holder)
• Embedded EDX and EELS spectrum profiling and imaging
• Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, high stability CompuStage and maximized tilts for any X,Y,Z, α and β coordinates
• Heating stage available for in-situ imaging up to 900°C