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Spin rinse Dryer SRD clean

Equipment Type: 
Silicon Etch
Equipment Area: 
North Cleanroom
Equipment Location: 

Spin Rinse Dryer.
Load 2 cassettes for equilibrium of the drum during processing.

Compatible Materials: 
Si / SiGe
Incompatible Materials: 
III-V / Hi K / Metal

1. Log on to the tool using the LabAccess terminal.
2. You can use the SRD to dry your whole wafers (pieces, of course, need to be dried using the hand dryer). The most important thing is to make sure that when you load your wafers, they are balanced correctly. This means that you should have two teflon carriers located opposite one another with roughly equal numbers of wafers in them.
3. Close the lid securely.
4. The time for the spin can be set using the dial at the bottom of the SRD – it should be set to ~3 minutes which should be sufficient to dry your wafers.
5. Press ‘start’ – the small light on the top of the lid should turn on. If it does not, press down on the lid to ensure a tight seal, and the light should turn on indicating that the run has started.
6. Log off of the tool using the LabAccess terminal.