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Thermal Evaporator Denton DV-502A

Equipment Type: 
Silicon Metals
Equipment Area: 
North Cleanroom
Equipment Location: 

Thermal Evaporator

Features: Al, Ag, Liners
up to 4inch wafer
crystal thickness monitor


1) Log into Lab Access.
2) Power on the Inficon XTC/2 deposition Controller.
3) Vent Chamber: Turn knob from Auto Pump to Auto Vent on the Pressure Selector Knob. The chamber will take ~ 2min 30sec to vent.
4) Gently lift chamber with both hands.
a) Make certain to grasp the chamber securely when lifting and lift until you have complete clearance of the rotation plate.
b) Gently push the chamber toward the wall. This will hold the chamber in place and prevent it from dropping.
5) Place desired target (boat/filament) that will be used during your deposition.
a) The filament holder has 2 hex screws. Use the correct sized wrench and loosen the screws. Do not remove the screws. Loosen only enough to slide the filament in.
b) Slide one end at a time into the filament holder. Ensure that ends align with the round holes and not the flat area of the holder.
c) Secure by tightening the screws. Do not over tighten.
6) Clip samples/wafers on rotation plate.
7) Proceed with caution and gently close chamber.
a) Securely grasp chamber and rotate slowly over the process platform. Ensure you have a secure grasp of the chamber so that it does not slip or drop.
b) Gently lower the chamber until rest on the process platform.
8) Pump chamber down: Turn knob from Auto Vent to Auto Pump on the Pressure Selector Knob. The chamber will take ~ 20 minutes to pump down.
9) Turn on the 421 Cold Cathode Gauge Micro Controller (pressure gauge) to monitor the chamber pressure. Await Hi-Vac conditions of 2x10-5 Torr to be achieved.
10) Turn on Rotary Power switch and verify samples/wafers are rotating.
11) Select FILM # and process recipe
a) Verify that the Inficon XTC/2 Deposition Controller display is in a READY state.
b) If not in a READY state press the STOP key and the clear key. The key is a triangle with a C in the center.
c) Press the PROG key
d) Use the arrow up & down keys to toggle over to the FILM # parameter.
e) Select the correct FILM # that matches your metal deposition. (i.e. FILM # 6 Al) and press enter on the numerical key pad). The key is a triangle with an E in the center.
f) You are now on the1st layer PROCESS parameter. Select the same number as the FILM # on the keypad and press enter. The FILM number and the 1st layer number have to match to get the correct deposition.
g) Press PROG key. NOTE - The recipe selected will not display until the process is started. That will occur at step 13.
12) Turn On the Fil/Glow Power switch located on the Denton DV-502A front panel.
13) Press START on the Inficon XTC/2 deposition Controller. Your deposition will now start.
14) When deposition is complete,
a) Turn off the 421 Cold Cathode Gauge Micro Controller (pressure gauge).
b) Turn off the Fil/Glow Power switch.
15) Vent chamber as previously described in Step 2).
Gently lift chamber as previously described in step 4).